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Why training like an athlete leads to the best results

Fitness is everywhere. I went on a walk down Garnet a few weeks ago and passed by no less than 16 boutique training spaces. And that's only on ONE street in ONE town in San Diego.

Dance facilities, Barre studios, traditional gyms, CrossFit boxes, yoga studios, kickboxing centers, specialty clubs, fighting gyms, HIIT classes, and more yoga studios line the main drag in Pacific Beach. 

For me, the type of training we do at The Movement Warehouse has been the most effective training for the body I desire. Pushing yourself to "your" limit, recovering (a little), then hitting it hard again, not only taxes your heart and mind but more importantly it fires up your metabolism and keeps you burning calories for days. There is no substitute for lifting weights with good form.

This you already know though. I want to tell you why I think this workout is one of the safest. 

When you do an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) or EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout there comes a point when your form will give out and you're just doing reps for the sake of reps. 

For me, getting through a set number of reps with good form as fast as you can will push you harder and keep you safer. 

Safer = Less injuries

Less injuries = More working out

More working out = Better results

Better results = Happiness

Push yourself, drop your ego and find your happiness.

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