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Should I just skip today? Reason #3: Consistency

What keeps you from achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of? Is it the workout? Is it the eating? Or is it any of 100,000 other things you have to deal with? Money. Stress. Kids. Sleep. Time. Travel. (Not time travel, if that was it you’d just go back and start sooner… but you’d go back and START SOONER. This could be the end of the post. But it’s not. Yay, more reading.)

There’s a lot of things about fitness that stop us from achieving our goals. It’s already May and 98% of the new year’s resolution-ers have given up. They’re set back in their old ways that forced them to make the resolution in the first place. It’s sad, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re not one of them and if you are, hopefully this reinvigorates you to get back on it and start now before the new year.

I can think of a few big reasons people don’t have the body they want and I came up with a few objections to those reasons.

1. Money (Think of this more as Value)

  • It costs a lot of money to come to MVMT. I, and over 170 of our members believe it’s worth it. They see the value in paying a high price for their health and fitness. If you pay $30 for a big box gym, no one cares if you don’t show up. Actually, they prefer it if you don’t show up. Could you imagine if all 3000 members showed up to Crunch PB? It would explode and everyone would get COVID.

  • At $189, if you worked out 6 days/week it would come out to $7.87/workout. That is an unbeatable price. If you paid for a 3, 6 or 12 month contract or upfront membership that price only gets better. If price is your concern, make this membership worth it and show up as consistently as possible.

2. Variety

  • Have you ever gotten bored or ran out of ideas with your workouts? Although, the key to looking your best is doing the same shit over and over again, we always try to keep workouts fun and exciting for you.

  • The beautiful thing about MVMT is that we have the ability to adjust and modify any workout to fit anybody’s ability and it will never be the same. We don’t have a treadmill, row or bike station that can never change. We can change the number of reps, tempo, isometric holds, pause reps, 1/4 reps and timing to change any workout. We can superset exercises to burnout a muscle group or we can compound set an exercise to fatigue the whole body.

3. Time

  • Most of us barely have enough time to eat and drink enough water and much less to meditate, journal, read, workout and sleep. The days of spending 2 or 3 hours in the gym are a thing of the past and reserved for young kids that have much less responsibility than you. We can get you a great strength workout with a solid warm up in 60 minutes.

  • If you’re ready to prioritize your fitness you can find the time in one of our 8 hours of classes every day. Yes, that might mean you have to wake up at 5:30a so you don’t miss Friday because you have a happy hour at 4p. Happy hour is important. But so is leg day.

4. Professionalism

  • We are professionals. I know it might not seem like it sometimes because we chose a career where we can cuss, talk trash and generally lack overall professionalism but we know what we’re doing. If you ever have tightness or pain in any movement, let us know. All of the trainers at MVMT are more than capable of making changes to any workout to better suit your needs. You’re better off telling us and not “toughing it out” or “pushing through the pain” (unless it’s obvious that you’re being a wuss) than missing a week of workouts because you lifted too much with tight hips.

5. Self Care

  • We have all the mobility tools and we leave time between classes so you can use them. You know that 10 minute window between the classes that you spend chatting with your friends?? Yes, if you’re chatting with your friends, you’re doing it right (see last months Community post) but you could also be using this “free” time to be hopping on a foam roller, destroying your glutes on a lacrosse ball or using a dowel for some shoulder mobility. We have a PsoRite for tight hip flexors, we have a RolFlex for tight forearms and calves, we have golf balls for knots in your feet and we have the Infinity Ball if you need some spinal relief. If you need assistance with how to use any of these tools, ask one of your friends MVMT professionals ;)

So I guess this turned into more of an all encompassing "Why MVMT?" post but the bottom line is still the same. The more consistent you are about showing up and getting through the workout (hungover or not) the better and faster you will feel the benefits of your membership.

I think we offer one of the best strength training group workouts in San Diego and we hope you do too. There's a lot of things that can distract you from achieving your goals and literally everything is working against you, but put in the time, put in the work and keep showing up because nobody deserves it more than you.

Lift heavy. Eat well. Sleep deep. Let's do it again tomorrow.

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