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WHY are YOU working out?

Why are you working out?

  1. weight loss

  2. cardiovascular health

  3. flexibility

  4. aesthetics

  5. disease prevention

  6. mobility

  7. stress management

  8. athletic performance

  9. lifestyle

  10. to push yourself

  11. friends

  12. because you really, really like me

  13. so you can eat and drink wtf you want

Why you’re probably not working out?

  • ego

  • a fitness competition

  • to set PR’s

  • to impress someone

  • Instagram likes

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I just wanted to share my thoughts. Obviously, I don’t know the exact reason you choose to sweat but I have a feeling if you’re on this email list it’s one of the top 13 reasons (probably 11, 12, or 13)

That being said, there’s probably not a deadline on your fitness. Fitness, resistance training (weightlifting) and movement are supposed to be lifelong endeavors that keep you healthy, active and off the sidelines of life. When you get sick or stressed or injured, you delay the process and the habit of staying active.

So whatever form of fitness you choose to follow, make sure it aligns with your goals and your lifestyle. If you’re just trying to maintain your body and keep up with your fitness, there’s no need to lift as heavy as you can (especially if your body is telling you “maybe today isn’t the day”) because if there’s no deadline, no competition date, no whiteboard to peak… there is always tomorrow.

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