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Reason #2: Community

When I opened this gym I wanted to focus on training athletes. I wanted MVMT to be a facility where young athletes could come to improve their skills on the field and their footwork on the court. Instead, I got stuck with your lot.

Totally kidding.

But there is a reason we changed our slogan from “Move Stronger. Move Faster. Move Smarter.” to “Culture. Community. Fitness.” And there is a reason we start most of my emails with “Hey MVMT Fam…” It’s because I want us all to feel like something more than just a gym. We actually want us to feel like a family, a group of likeminded individuals who genuinely care about each other and have our own best interests in mind.

When we thought about how this gym should be run we wanted the community to be the main focus. Of course we wanted the training experience to be top-notch but we didn’t want the workout to be the focus. Crazy concept for a gym. I mean don’t get me wrong, the workout is super important but by not concentrating on who lifts the most weight or who finishes the fastest, not only can we avoid most injuries but more importantly, ego driven douchebags. **cough** Sorry, I meant to say we can spend more time cultivating a community that values friendship over personal records.

We have a ton of people that bring a lot of value to this gym. We have business owners and engineers and doctors, healers and investors. We have entrepreneurs and grad students, high school athletes and outstanding teachers that educate them. Aaaaaaand more along our lines, we have incredibly talented DJ’s. If you want to throw a party (or your own music festival), we have the people for that. If you need a social media manager, a graphic designer or need a piece of art for above your bed, they’re here. If you need a laugh, we have a comedy company. If you need a website designed, it’s here. Want a healthy pizza or chicken bowl or to pet a dolphin, come workout and with how many nurses workout here, this might be the safest gym in San Diego.

There are so many people making moves here if you have a good business idea and a plan, we can find you an investor. Look at Brad’s sun screen applicator, The Back Mate. He designed, packaged, funded, branded, marketed and is now selling your solution to sun burns. All from MVMT members.

I’m not suggesting that we have the best members or that only awesome people workout here. I’m just saying that since we want the people to be the focus we’re more lenient about longer breaks between rotations, more laughing instead of yelling (except when Meagan is coaching), more water breaks instead of dying and more chatting than a coffee shop.

Our thought process is that if you know and like the people you’re working out with you’ll enjoy your workout more. If you enjoy your workout more, you’ll workout more. If you workout more, you’ll get better results. If you get better results, you’ll be happier. If you’re happier, then by golly, we have done our job.

We know we’re just a gym and you can get a good workout anywhere but I wanted to create a space where fitness oriented high-achievers could feel comfortable and improve. Sometimes it’s just a stress reliever after a long day at work. Sometimes it’s the very best way to get your day started. Sometimes it’s the only 60 minutes you get to spend outside. Sometimes it’s just a social hour with friends and sometimes it’s just to get rid of the hangover.

Whatever it is any given day, I’m thrilled you all choose to come to MVMT and that we all get the opportunity to know you a little better. We’re all here to lift each other up and elevate our bodies and lives. Smile, say hello and let’s go FAM!

Love you all.

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