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Rest day. Where are my rest muscles and how to I work them out?

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u know this by now, but I talk about sleep… a lot. Maybe because it’s something I desperately lack but haven’t yet found the discipline to quite get a grasp on it or maybe because it’s one of the most important things you can do for your body. One way or the other, it’s important; and as I’m sitting here at 10:29p on a Monday night I very much wish I had written this post a week ago.

Actually, I changed my mind. Good night. I’ll get back to this in the morning.

So here I am, refreshed. Fully prepared to take on the day. I listened to my body yesterday and skipped legs (my favorite day of the week) knowing full well that I have another one coming up on Thursday. Why am I so pumped about missing a workout?

Because someday’s you need to miss workouts. I went to the chiropractor today and my IT band was so tight from the last 2 weeks of dancing even cat cow’s were sending searing pains to my knee.

Even though here at The Movement Warehouse we split days to give adequate rest to specific muscle groups, somedays rest is just necessary. We push it hard most days of the week and just like with anything too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad. Today’s society we’re all in or all out, there’s rarely a balance and a lot of times we just need to listen to our bodies and give it a couple days off.

When you think about the total volume of work we put in over our lifetime, what is one or two days off? Now, I’m not suggesting that you start taking 2 days off every week but once in a while go to dinner with some friends or hit up a Padres game instead of pushing your body to the limit (I hear they’re supposed to be good this year).

All of the training staff here fully supports you in listening to your body and giving it the proper recovery, as long as proper recovery doesn’t always mean taking the day off and getting hammered at Open Bar… again.

Working out is important. Rest and recovery are (almost) equally as important.

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