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Push Yourself in 2020 (it still could be your year)

Okay, so it’s 2020. A new year, a new decade, a chance for a new start. You’ve been working out for a couple months (or you’re just starting out, this is for you too) and you’re beginning to see and feel some changes in your body. This is the best time to start really pushing yourself.

What are your goals? What’s the reason you keep coming back day in and day out? What are you looking to get out of training?

If you’re already completely satisfied with why you’re with us, we love that. It means, we’re already doing exactly what we need to be doing and we’re thrilled to have you here.

BUT if you want to gain an inch on your biceps, lose an inch around the waist or see some abs come beach season, this might be what you need to hear.

Let’s get to work. Let’s start pushing it. Let’s start working to absolute failure. Let’s start changing what your drinking and eating on the weekend. Let’s start thinking about how calories are meant to fuel your body and life instead of just mindlessly eating. Let’s start to get uncomfortable because discomfort is what promotes change. Let’s start working toward the changes you wrote on that resolutions list. Let’s just start.

But first, write down that resolution. That one thing that you want, that one thing money can’t buy, that one thing that made you sign up for group personal training at MVMT. Write it down in sharpie and look at it every, single, day. On the ceiling above your bed. On the mirror in your bathroom. On your fridge. In your fridge. On the front door. Both sides. On your car horn. At your desk. On your tv remote. Set alarms on your phone. Set alarms on your partners phone.

Remind yourself as often as possible you’re worth it and everything you’re doing has a purpose. I know it sounds outrageous. But how important is that goal? Would a post it note on your rear view mirror reminding you of that goal multiple times daily be worth actually achieving it? I think resoundingly, yes. But also, don’t put a post-it on your rear view mirror.

Let me remind you, the work is going to seem impossibly difficult at times and easy at others but I guarantee it’s worth it. It’s worth the extra workout. It’s worth the extra hour of sleep. It’s worth the extra bathroom trips. It’s worth restricting your diet for a couple months. Difficult is not impossible.

Paying for a gym membership is one thing. Paying for a coach is something altogether different. All the trainers at MVMT are here to help you and all of us want to see you succeed. It makes us happy. So make us happy. Let us do our job.

Do you want an extra push this January? Ask for a spot on that bench press. Challenge yourself on that landmine row. Or hold that hollow hold till you literally can’t any more.

Reply with your biggest 2020 fitness goal and let’s get this decade started.

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