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Maybe just shoot for the 80th percentile?

Do you want to be the best? Think about that question. Do you really want to be the best? 

I don't. Not even in the fitness realm.

When I think about how much time and energy it takes to be the strongest or the fastest or to have the most shredded abs it makes me physically cringe. I'd much rather be an above average trainer with above average clients, in America's Finest City.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, the absolute best in the world in any one thing. But how long would it take to become 80% good at that same thing? You'll still be better than most and have so much more time to add another skill that could benefit your life exponentially.

Personally, I know I don't have the biggest arms or the tightest abs but they're enough for people to know that I fitness and for now that's good enough for me. It's easy to maintain because I've worked relentlessly hard to set the base (and I eat pretty clean, unless it's AYCE tacos at Mavericks), but I don't think I'll to take it any further and I'd rather focus my energy elsewhere.

Now, there are still rules to generalizing. If you're standing at a solid 5' 4", chances are you shouldn't set your sights on playing middle blocker on your volleyball team. And if you're a creative, artistic, right-brain thinker, you might want to pay someone to manage your finances and do your taxes because in opposition with "generalization" I feel like you should get to enjoy the learning process of the skills you want to acquire.

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