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Look Better, Now.

Lift weights. Push yourself. Look better. Right Now.

Last month we went over why we workout and more importantly, why we don't. This month I wanted to briefly chat about lifting weights and why, in my humble opinion (and science's) it's the best way to get fit.

We've all seen workouts with a ton of running or huge rest intervals (because you're lifting so heavy bruh) and without a doubt those workouts will definitely change the way you look... but too much cardio and you lose your muscle definition and too much heavy lifting and you get too thick (in this case I'm talking about 3-5 min rest periods with near maximal lifts).

You probably just want to look good naked so we want to find a middle ground and get the best of both worlds.

When you lift weights you're tearing apart muscle fibers and when you're sleeping they repair and bind together via scar tissue to become stronger and tighter. At MVMT we're hitting each muscle group 2x/week so your constantly in this state of tear and repair. If you're sleeping enough and refueling right, this will lead to the dense, tight, lean muscular body we're all working so gosh darn hard for.

Here's the kicker! Let's say you do an hour of cardio and you burn 1000 calories. Great, you burned 1000 calories. Yay.

Then let's say you did an hour of high intensity resistance training (what we do at MVMT). You'll only burn about 400-600 calories on your Apple watch but you're going to ignite your metabolism to continue burning calories for the next 24-48 hours depending on how hard you pushed it. (Pro-tip: If you're going to have to miss a couple workouts in a row, push it extra hard in your last one, get that heart rate super high and fire up that metabolism and burn those calories while you're starting your vacation)

The best analogy I've ever heard for what we're doing to our bodies is like a furnace. It starts out cold, at the peak it's fully firing and keeping the whole house warm but then even after you turn it off and it stops pumping out heat, the coals are still hot AF for the next couple hours.

Likewise, when you walk in the doors your body is cold, the warm up gets you going, during the second circuit you're sweating, gasping for air and you can feel your heartbeat in your head, then it's over. The torture is done and the fire's out... but the calorie burn has only just begun.

Put in the work. Reap the rewards.

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