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It's all just a game

Sometimes you’re forced into changes and sometimes they happen naturally. This story is a little of both.

One of my biggest issues is that I’m always trying some new product or method to finding optimal health, it’s hard to tell what exactly is working. But all in all, something I’m doing is working so I’m going to keep trying new things till I’m truly happy (or run out of things to try).

I’ve talked about fasting for a few years now. I’ve tried the intermittent fasting thing in a previous 30 day self challenge and I’ve done a 24 hour water fast. But recently, I kicked it up a notch, really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and saw and felt some pretty immediate results.

It started on a Sunday night after enjoying a meal for a friend’s birthday at a restaurant we frequent often in Ocean Beach. This particular night I ate some “chicken” that didn’t really feel like chicken. When I bit into it, it felt pasty and fell apart in my mouth, like I could have eaten it without teeth. It was unappetizing and honestly, a huge turn off to the rest of the meal.

Earlier that morning, I received my first shipment of Isagenix products (a supplement company with thousands of proven results all over the world, will write separate review of these in a few months) and one of the products happened to call for a deep cleanse. This deep cleanse called for a 2 day fast paired with this powder mixture 4x/day.

It just so happens that I was so turned off by this “chicken” and the way it made me feel that I decided this was the perfect time to not eat for 48 hours. So I finished that meal Sunday around 8p and I wouldn’t eat again till Tuesday at 8p. I’m constantly pushing my body to levels of extreme discomfort so I could totally make this happen.

The first day was a piece of cake, no big deal at all. Anytime I got hungry, I drank water. Anytime I got thirsty, I drank water. Anytime I got sad, I drank water. Anytime I felt anything, I drank water. As it was Monday, I even got a heavy leg day in and my post workout… water.

Day 2 though was a little different. This was the longest I’d ever gone without eating but I still hadn’t lost strength so I had lifted pretty heavy at the 11a Strong class. It wasn’t till around 3pm (five hours before) that it hit me and it hit me hard. At this point in my journey, I’m pretty good at understanding what my body needs and I think I could hear my tiny muscle fibers screaming at me for fuel. Now this was just a mental game. What did I do? CRUSHED WATER and made it to 8p.

I know this isn’t a level of discomfort most of you are interested in achieving but when I talked to my chiropractor about what I was doing earlier that day he gave me a metaphor that might make you want to reconsider.

“Every organ in your body has cells. Liver cells, kidney cells, spleen cells… and in every one of those organs those cells are at different points in their lifespans. You have 1) brand new, drive off the lot cells, 2) late model, no dents, great condition cells and 3) clunkers that are constantly needing repairs, all banged up but for some reason you’re holding onto it cells.

When you’re body is constantly fueled (and in America it’s usually excess sugar and processed food) it feeds (gases) these “clunkers” up and keeps them around for a few more miles. When you fast and restrict the fuel your body receives, it “eats” these weaker, run down cells for energy forcing your body to re-generate new cells and optimizing the way your body performs.”

Who doesn’t want new model, 0 miles on the odometer cells running performing the daily actions of their body?

I’m going to do a 48 hour fast once a month for the rest of 2019 and see what the long-ish term effects are. It’s all just a game and when you think about your health like a game, tweaking and adjusting to find the diet or lifestyle that keeps you playing at the highest level the longest it’s makes life way, way more fun and interesting.

I guess in the end… this article was meant to inspire you do take more risks and have more fun. There’s no “right” nutrition plan for everyone but if you keep trying new things you’ll find something that will work for you and you’re life will be more interesting because of it. An interesting life is a fun life. Let’s have some freaking fun.

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