Are you ready to challenge yourself, increase your confidence, and see real changes in your body? At The Movement Warehouse, we offer small group fitness classes led by professional trainers who are focused on you. Your needs, your goals, your schedule — our programming and expertise. Our STRONG fitness program is designed to improve your body, mobility, and confidence by helping you build lean muscle. If you commit to our classes, our professional trainers commit themselves to helping you achieve your goals — contact us today to get started!

How STRONG Works

At The Movement Warehouse, we utilize circuit training to help our members reach their goals. The STRONG program is designed to help you refine the form of your movement and avoid injuries — all while increasing strength and building lean muscle. From your very first class, a certified trainer will work with you to ensure proper technique. This way, you will avoid injury and get the most out of each exercise as you gradually increase the amount of weight you are lifting. Consistent attendance is key, as our trainers will help monitor your progress and assist you in overcoming any challenges along the way. If you commit yourself to the STRONG fitness program, you will be very happy with your results.

What Does A Workout Look Like?

At The Movement Warehouse in Pacific Beach, we are focused on helping our members move the right way. You get the quickest and most consistent results when you are focused on proper movement, and exemplary form is very important in the STRONG program. To ensure proper muscle recovery and avoid injury, we break up our workouts into upper and lower body days. Here is an example of a lower-body workout:

Circuit 1: 4 sets
Station 1: Barbell back squat x 8
Station 2: Dumbbell sumo squat x 12
Station 3: High plank knee to elbow (slow and controlled) x 12/12
Station 4: Hip flexor stretch x 3/3 (before you go back to the barbell)

Circuit 2: 3 sets
Station 1: Kettlebell swing x 15
Station 2: Dumbbell step up x 6/6
Station 3: Jump rope x 150
Station 4: Dumbbell walking lunge x 2 lengths

Circuit 3: 3 sets
Station 1: Barbell hip thrust x 10
Station 2: Dumbbell banded glute bridge x 20
Station 3: Banded lateral taps x 30/30
Station 4: Banded bicycle x 40

When you walk into our gym, you will find no judgment or negativity. We simply don’t have room for it. Our professional trainers are experts at recognizing individuals’ needs and helping every member get the most out of each group fitness class. When you commit to our STRONG program, you will leave the gym better than you entered it. At The Movement Warehouse, improved performance, health, and confidence are within reach. Join the most supportive gym community in Pacific Beach — contact us today!