Are you struggling to find time to workout? Are you having trouble achieving your body and fitness goals? At The Movement Warehouse, we provide small group fitness classes that emphasize form and quality of movement, making it easy for you to get results quickly while avoiding injury. MOVE is our signature program for a reason – it helps our members achieve their fitness goals. Our supportive community will help you see beyond your potential and unleash the athlete inside — join the movement today!

How MOVE Works

As your Apple watch will tell you, running, using an elliptical machine, and other forms of cardio can burn a lot of calories. However, the High Intensity Resistance Training workouts that make up our MOVE program have an added benefit: they ignite your metabolism and cause your body to burn calories long after your workout is done. Plus, you build muscle, and we all know that at the beach, muscles are everything. If you want to get that beach body but you don’t think that you have the time, MOVE is your secret weapon.

What Does A Workout Look Like?

All of the workouts in our MOVE fitness program are designed to keep your heart rate elevated while building muscle, and we split all of our workouts into upper and lower body days to maximize results by ensuring proper muscle recovery and avoiding injury. If you commit to our classes, the results will exceed your expectations. Here is an example of a lower body day in our MOVE program:

Circuit 1: 3 sets (45 seconds work / 15 seconds rest)
Station 1: Dumbbell weighted squat x 15
Station 2: Box jumps x 15
Station 3: High plank tuck jumps x 30 + hold plank when finished
Station 4: TRX hamstring curls x 15 + hold when finished

Ab circuit

Circuit 2: 3 sets (50 seconds work / 20 seconds rest)
Station 1: Dumbbell alternating reverse lunge x 10/10
Station 2: 100 yard sprint to Hoboken x 1
Station 3: Battle ropes (drummers) x 100
Station 4: TRX squat jumps x 20 + hip stretch when finished

Ab circuit

Finisher: 2 sets – Metabolic leg circuit
Bodyweight squat: 15 seconds
Squat jumps: 15 seconds
Alternating reverse lunge: 15 seconds
Lunge jumps: 15 seconds

As always, all of our small group fitness classes can be personalized to suit your fitness level, and our professional trainers will keep you challenged and motivated throughout every session. Inside of our gym, there is no judgement or room for negativity. We are a community working hard to support each other in pursuit of personal health and fitness goals. At the Movement Warehouse, we are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself — get in touch with us to get started!