1. This gym is a true family

    I started at the Movement Warehouse because of their fun ever changing sign that they have outside, which lead to me peaking into the window and noticing a diverse group of people completing a challenging work out but SMILING and LAUGHING through it. I had been gym shopping for a while I tried working with other trainers and gyms since my move form Nashville to San Diego 2 and a half years ago, no…Read More

    Rajvi Patel
  2. Great Experience

    I got the opportunity to work out at The Movement Warehouse while visiting my daughter. I was very impressed with the trainers and the facility. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! I had a great workout and a great experience! Thanks Mike and Meagan!!!…Read More

    Pauline Smith
  3. My Favorite Workout

    My favorite workout led by the most fun, genuine, and personable trainers you will ever meet. If you haven't given MVMT Warehouse a try you absolutely should check it out. Best workout in PB and an even more incredible gym community.…Read More

    Melissa Bermudez
  4. You won’t regret joining this gym-community!

    I've never worked out at a gym like this before, and I've tried a lot of different specialty gyms and regular gyms alike. Both the community and the workouts are something you'll NEVER get bored of and you can feel good about your work outs, instead of just saying "I worked out" and it realistically being sub-par. You won't regret joining this gym-community!…Read More

    Olivia Lepore
  5. I became a much better lifter

    Weightlifting had always been a hobby for me until I started training strongman, then it became a passion. My chronic muscle tightness got so bad that my lifts completely plateaued. That's when mobility became an integral part of my training. Once I started to understand how the body worked and how it was designed to move I became a much better lifter and competitive athlete.…Read More

    MIKE A. Manager, Evan’s Tires and Strongman Competitor
  6. I felt so much support

    I have been wanting to lose weight for over a decade. I had been unhappy for years, caught in a vicious cycle of setting weight loss goals and not reaching them. That first class was a very humbling experience, but I just kept coming back. The vibe and morale at TMW really surprised me, and I believe it was a huge part of my success. I felt so much support and know that I never would have been abl…Read More

    BRITTANY Z. Program Manager, MedImpact

    I found the first month of classes to be brutal. I was sore, and tired and in pain all over my body. However, I felt really good at the same time. I felt like I was getting the type of workout I always wanted but could never do on my own. 40 POUNDS IN JUST OVER 6 MONTHS!! I feel great! I’m lean, and cut and relatively stronger than ever. The “diet” has become a way of life and the need to ch…Read More

    SETH M. Author, The Lost Airman

    The Movement Warehouse is unlike any place I have ever worked out... and I have worked out many places. From day one, my interaction with Mike and his clients being welcoming and friendly followed by a kickass workout I committed and have been now for over a year. I’ve lost lost weight and decreased body fat percentage... more import I have kept if off and continue to do so while MOST importantl…Read More

    Kelly Carr