This gym is a true family

I started at the Movement Warehouse because of their fun ever changing sign that they have outside, which lead to me peaking into the window and noticing a diverse group of people completing a challenging work out but SMILING and LAUGHING through it. I had been gym shopping for a while I tried working with other trainers and gyms since my move form Nashville to San Diego 2 and a half years ago, nothing seemed to be able to get me to feel comfortable enough or made me want to come back more than this place. This review is a bit of a love letter to this gym, because after I moved to San Diego I am quite possibly the only person who got less fit after moving to the fittest city in the US, but after joining this gym I was able to lose 20 of the 30 lbs that I put on in 2 years. Mike, Meagan, and Cali go a long way in terms of not only training you but making you apart of the community so you commiserate with everyone you are working out with. They also really listen and try to help you overcome your limitations safely. Meagan is even a nutritionist, and nutrition was something that I truly needed to focus on. I love walking past the gym while walking my dog Hero because even he is made to feel like a member of the gym community with the HELLO HERO he receives as we pass by. This gym is a true family and you feel that energy while you work out. the workouts will always be challenging, expect that, but the atmosphere makes you want to come back for more. I went from feeling like I was neither fit or strong enough to be at this gym to feeling like i am a person who does fitness and health because this community helped me to grow!

Rajvi Patel