No! But you do have to cut out some of them. And if you want to take it further, WHEN you eat them.

Try to choose things like
– Sweet potatoes
– Quinoa
– Oats (not granola with oats, just plain oats)
– Nuts and Legumes (think chickpeas [think hummus], lentils, peas)
– Vegetables (yes, they are carbs)
Try to Avoid
– Sugar, sugar, sugar. Technically, they’re carbs just broken down. (frappachinos, M&M’s, etc)
– Processed foods (instant noodles, frozen dinners, granola bars, most boxed cereals, chips)
– White breads and pastas
– Fruit juices (see blog The Only Three Things I Drink)
– Beer (I know! Sacrilege in San Diego, the new hometown of craft beer. At least be aware of your intake)

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