Possibly, you’re using this term wrong. If you’re new to working out (or working out this hard) your body will be ‘sore’ from what scientist’s and researchers call delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), while they don’t exactly know what the causes this phenomenon it is our belief that this feeling is your body thanking you for using it. We’ve all experienced this to some degree or another regardless of fitness level. When you can’t sit on the toilet after leg day, while uncomfortable, it is a necessary adaptation your body is making to restructure itself into what will become the new and improved you.

Now, on the other hand, if you have an acute/localized pain when you move i.e. a shooting pain in your thigh when you straighten your leg or a pinch in your shoulder when you raise your arm, this may be something that needs further attention. Bring this up to your trainer for assessment before you begin your next workout or see a medical professional.

Otherwise, suck it up. Eventually, your body will adjust to the soreness. Get off the couch and into the gym and it’ll happen faster.